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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Barbie Doll House Vintage

The first vintage Barbie Doll House dates as far back as the early 1960s. Mattel Corporation released their first Barbie doll house in 1962. This original vintage barbie doll house was a tribute to mid-country style. It was furnished with vintage sleek armless couches and a hi-fi television console for Barbie to enjoy. There were 1960s style indoor rugs and vintage furniture like lamps, tables, and details such as lampshades. The Barbie doll house also contained a 1962 vintage record collection. Here is an example of some of the types music and movies that Barbie might have enjoyed in her Barbie doll house.

If you think you own a vintage Barbie doll house, or are interested in finding the value of one, you should first identify its structure and it Barbie doll house parts to make sure it is vintage in nature.

A great source for identifying your doll house to make sure its vintage and to assess its value is a book called: Barbie Doll House Structure and Furniture by Marl Davidson.

You can find explanations and examples of vintage doll house structures and which furnishings belong to a particular model. This is one of the best and few resources available to help identify your vintage barbie doll house whether purchasing or identifying one as a collector.

Today, the Barbie Doll house has moved away from their vintage country style and have been replaced with a beautiful Victorian doll houses, a trendy ranch style doll house, a three story glamour doll house, and even a studio apartment for Barbie to live. The true vintage Barbie doll house was a design of the times reflecting the cultures and values of a different era. Click here for eBay! to see the variety of vintage Barbie doll houses available.

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The styles of vintage doll houses have changed with the different eras and so did the doll house furniture and decorating themes. Mattel even made all their vintage Barbie doll house wheel chair accessible in 2002. This modification was made originally to accommodate Barbie’s best friend Becky who was bound to a wheelchair. This shows how knowing the historical aspect of different types of structures and designs for different Barbie vintage doll houses can affect the value.

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