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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Barbie Coloring Pages

Barbie coloring pages have been around for 45 years. The first Barbie coloring book was released in 1962 by “Whitman”. The book sold for only 29 cents. It contained coloring pages of Barbie and Ken going to church, and singing in the choir. The cover was yellow and it pictured Barbie with a Brunette bubble cut hair style and Ken with blonde hair. There were many other coloring books offered in the 1960's. Some coloring pages were of Ken and Barbie and many of just Barbie herself. In 1964 the first Barbie coloring book was introduced with pages of Barbie, Ken, and Midge. This book depicted all three on the cover and contained many coloring pages of all three as friends doing many activities together.

A very rare coloring book was called the first Barbie Big Coloring Book with many more pages and showed a more glamorous picture of Barbie and Ken on the cover. This big coloring book sold for 99 cents. There were also color by numbers books depicting Barbie on the cover as a blonde bubble cut and painting a portrait of Ken. This coloring by numbers book contained 38coloring pages, mostly with scenes of Barbie herself and some with Barbie and Ken. One of the coloring pages depicts Barbie lying in her room on the floor listening to 33rpm records and another of the coloring pages shows Barbie and Ken at the school dance.

There a large variety of coloring books available at collectibles shops and from internet auctions such as ebay Barbie has had coloring pages representing her in all eras and from her original days as a ponytail to her more modern teenage look today. Barbie has also had coloring pages as an island princess, as “Rapunzel”, as a fairy, as a “ballerina”, and as a mermaid.

Many scenes of Barbie and some of her friends have been depicted in her coloring pages . Today, there are many different examples of categories’ of coloring pages of Barbie available to color . Many of these coloring pages are free to download on the internet, and fully printable for coloring.
Examples of popular pages include:

Barbie as Rapunzel Coloring Pages
Barbie and friends Coloring Pages
My scene Barbie Coloring Pages
Barbie as a Mermaid Coloring Pages
Barbie as the Island Princess Coloring Pages
Barbie Fairytopia Coloring Pages
Barbie as Sleeping Beauty Coloring Pages
Teen Barbie Coloring Pages
Barbie as a ballerina Coloring Pages

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