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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

wooden barbie dollhouse

When deciding what type of wooden Barbie dollhouse you would like, keep in mind there are four basic types.

1. wooden Barbie dollhouse kits
2. premade wooden Barbie dollhouse
3. handmade wooden Barbie dollhouse
4. dollhouse plans for building your own Barbie wooden dollhouse

Advantages of building your own include:
1. sturdy and long lasting
2. better quality
3. more appealing

There are many dollhouse plans for building your own Barbie sized wooden dollhouse. The typical scale for most wooden barbie dollhouse patterns is 6:1 or 6 inches represents 1 inch. This is the most common scale for Barbie wooden dollhouses. Typical dollhouse scale is 12:1 for other types of dolls but are generally too small for Barbie dolls. Barbie dollhouse furniture can be made or purchased to scale for these Barbie dollhouses.

If you are planning to build a wooden Barbie dollhouse I recommend using an mdf material because its easy to work with and contains smoother edges. Other popular materials include plywood, and birch.

Another technique is to build a barbie dollhouse from a wooden bookcase with rooms already built in as shelves. Some bookcases even have shelf dividers that are adjustable to make your different size rooms. These Barbie Wooden bookshelf dollhouses can be purchased as well but are also somewhat easier to make. You can also purchase Barbie wooden dollhouse kits and premade Barbie wooden Barbie dollhouses. If you are looking for kits search for terms like quick build, premade, Barbie size, wooden dollhouses will help.

You can purchase premade barbie sized dollhouses that range from $200 to $2500 for high quality dollhouses handmade from Baltic birch wood. This is the same material as is used to make high end cabinetry, but yields a durable, high quality, and valuable product for wooden dollhouses on the market. These Barbie size dollhouses can be purchased at doll shops, craft shops.

Whether you build or purchase a high quality wooden Barbie dollhouse, it can be a rewarding piece, both valuable to you and your child.
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