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Sunday, October 12, 2008

How to create printable household budget worksheets

Here is an easy way to manage your finances by creating free household budget worksheets that are both user friendly and printable.

Things You’ll Need:

* laptop or home computer
* financial software like Microsoft Money
* calculator
* printer
* need to know your expenses, debts, income

If you have a household computer or laptop you may access for free or can download a management software such as Microsoft Money to help design your free printable budget sheet.

Design your budget worksheets around 6 main categories:
1. Total Monthly Gross Income
2. Monthly Housing Expenses
3. Monthly Car Expenses
4. Monthly Debts
5. Monthly Miscellaneous Expenses
6. Total Net Monthly Income

Household expenses should include rent or mortgage, insurance, utilities, taxes, and any repairs.

Car expenses include loan payments, gasoline, insurance, and maintenance make up the next category on your budget sheet.

Debts include any creditors and monthly balance you choose to pay make up the next worksheet category.

Next list any Miscellaneous expenses are any other expenses such as:
-clothing, groceries
-entertainment, cable, videos, newspaper, magazine"