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Monday, June 9, 2008

Price Guide for Mattel Barbie

The price guide for Mattel Barbie can be a very useful tool when collecting. In Barbie dolls for instance, Mattel carefully does their best to provide competitive pricing guide to allow their customers to know the amount of the doll they purchase.

Let’s take the example from a guide of the price of a Vintage Barbie Dolls, with a size of 11 1/2" and a date production from 1961-1967. The characteristic of this Mattel vintage doll is vinyl. To add to the guide description, the first Barbie doesn’t have hair in a ponytail. The Barbie doll pictured has a somewhat combed out Bubble; a fully mint doll's bubble will be a little tighter.

Barbie dolls are still dominating the market of Mattel products for more than 50 years now. Children and even adults are deeply in love with its unique smile and textures which are truly built to last. A price guide for Mattel can be a useful tool to evaluate your Barbie and a great reference for buyers and enthusiasts alike.