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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Printable Barbie Paper Dolls

Printable Barbie paper dolls first arrived on the scene in 1962, three years after the Barbie doll was invented in 1959. It was only 14 years prior that Mattel was founded in 1945.

The first Barbie paper dolls were produced by the Western Publishing Co. under license from Mattel Inc. This first line of paper dolls were based on the Barbie doll and doll clothing patterns.

There were several artists who produced paper dolls throughout history. Al Anderson and Barb Raush as well as Tony Tierney created paper dolls from the 1960’s to 1988.

In 1994 Mattel approached Peck and Aubrey to create a series of 35th anniversary printable Barbie paper dolls. These paper dolls were Barbie #1 (1959), Barbie Bubblecut (1961-1962), and American Barbie Girl with bendable knees (1965). These dolls were made with a new process using actual photos of Barbie to create more lifelike printable Barbie paper dolls.

Printable Barbie paper dolls are very popular for scrapbooks and collections. These paper doll patterns can really enhance your pages. Paper dolls are offered in many different printable colors and design patterns for dressing up your Barbie dolls.

You can make your own printable Barbie paper dolls using templates found in pattern books or sometimes over the internet. Some of these are printable for free and some you can purchase for a small price.

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