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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Miniature Dollhouse Furniture

Miniature Dollhouse furniture is available in large varieties and different scales. The most common scale is 1:12 but becoming even more popular now is miniature dollhouse furniture is 1:24. The most popular material used in manufacturing miniature dollhouse furniture is plastic however other materials include cardboard, metallic, and even wood. Plastic miniature dollhouse furniture is more accessible and less expensive than other materials. Wooden handpainted miniature dollhouse furniture is usually more elegant and more expensive. It is usually recommended when you are accessorizing your own wooden dollhouse. It is for this reason some make their own miniature wooden dollhouse furniture.

Miniature dollhouse furniture themes can include separate rooms of furniture or popular girl themes such as princess or fairy themes. These can be handpainted or of a modern or colonial theme.

Whether you are purchasing or building, miniature dollhouse furniture can add to the beauty of your miniature dollhouse and be an enjoyable means for your child to play. To find out more information and links to miniature dollhouse furniture visit: