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Monday, May 12, 2008

How to Use Ice Breakers for Team Meetings to build Teamwork

Icebreakers you’ll need During Your Team Meetings to build teamwork:

  • Two to three inflated balloons per person are needed and a stopwatch.

At the start of the meetings, each person has a balloon, with the rest in a nearby pile. Everyone begins bouncing their icebreakers (balloons) in the air. Every five seconds, another balloon is added to build a challenge for each team.

To encourage teamwork, see how long each team can keep the balloons bouncing before receiving six penalties. A penalty is announced loudly (to create stress!) by the team leader when a balloon hits the floor, or once on the floor, if is not got back into play within five seconds.

The team leader keeps a cumulative score by shouting out "one", "two", etc. When the leader gets to "six", time is stopped. After some discussion, the team tries to better its record with another attempt.


  • These meetings build teamwork and also give the team a chance to improve together.

  • It can get very loud and will be a lot of FUN! when you use these types of ice breakers!

This article is about how to use ice breakers for team meetings to build teamwork and you will find this particular icebreaker is a team building activity.