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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How to Games for Team Bonding

This is one of many team building exercises to give you simple instructions on how to games for team bonding. This is considered one of the best games for team bonding.

Make a 5X5 Grid like a Bingo Card. Write FREE in center space.
In other spaces put items like "Born in another state" or "Is an Elvis FAN"- tailor it to your employees.

Make a copy for each of your employees and have them see how many signatures they can get from each team member.

The team member can only sign one space. The team who gets their card signed first WINS!

  • Be creative so your employee has to ask questions to get to know the employee!
  • Your employee is going to get to know their team much quicker this way. This will be so rewarding for all involved.
  • you will need a piece of paper or stock paper that you can make into a bingo card.

Remember, this is one of many how to games for team bonding, and we will be discussing other team building exercises in future posts.