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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Crazy for Barbie and Barbie Doll Values

The values used for a Barbie doll can be either tangible or intangible but either way we have a values guide for you. As people always say...everything has a price. You might be wondering what the values of your collectible Barbie doll are or if you are getting ready to purchase a Barbie collectible doll to add to your collection what price should you pay? For this a Barbie doll collector should always use a value guide.

Collecting Barbie Dolls can be lots of fun but finding their values can become frustrating as a collector because you are not sure what are the "right" price values. With a guide book you can spend time researching your Barbie collector dolls to help you in the process of finding the right values for your dolls. During the search you will want to use many different methods such as internet, auctions, local stores, and basic collector guides. While trying to determine the values of your collector Barbie Dolls you will need to look for Barbie collecting terminology and it will guide you in the right direction.

Some key words that you need to know while you are looking through your collector Barbie doll value collecting guides:

HTF- hard to find
MIB- mint in box (factory doll in mint condition)
MIP- mint in package (means all accessories are still in original packaging)
MNB- in mint condition but not in original box
NT- (not touched) can mean excellent as well when talking about the collector Barbie Doll's condition
NRFB- never removed from box
OSS- has the original swimsuit

When a collector is trying to determine the values of their doll, here are some key terms they will see in their values collecting guide:

Book Values is defined as the Pricing Guide values of the collector Barbie and does not mean the price you should get on a secondary market. This is an important key word to note when collecting Barbies.

Market Values is defined as the actual price you expect to sell your collector Barbie Dolls for. There are many factors to take into consideration as a doll collector so you will want to use online auctions as a guide when determine your collector Barbie values.

Barbie collector dolls should reflect the values of the items you collect because they appeal to you. This is the point where the values of your Barbie collector doll become intangible so even if the worth of the Barbie you are collecting isn’t valuable to the market, the sentimental worth could make it more valuable to you!

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