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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Barbie RV Party Bus

Well Barbie has a new ride and it is not her typical pink car it is a RV Party BUS.
Barbie and her friends can be found getting ready for a "road trip" with the destination unknown. It really does not matter where Barbie plans on going as long as she is behind the wheel of her RV Party Bus. And yes the Barbie RV Party Busy is PINK. Now what is great about this Pink BUS is that it has a "hot tub". All Barbie needs to do is call her friends (not included but I am sure you can find some friends for her)on her "I know you Smart" phone and find out where they want to go with the RV Party Bus. It has all the luxuries of a hotel...remember The Barbie® Grand Hotel that was released in 2001. One one side of the bus it opens up and it has a kitchen with stovetop, oven, microwave, fridge, sink, cabinets, and table. Then once Barbie gets into the bus with her friends she will find a combination living room/bedroom, with a sofa that expands to become a bed, closet, bookshelves, and lots of knick-knacks (boom box, potted plant, fuzzy pink pillows, etc.). There’s also a bathroom behind the kitchen, complete with toilet. It is so cool you can lift the seat so make sure if Ken comes along that he puts the seat back down. The bathroom in the RV Party Bus has a sink, shower, toilet roll, towel rack, and fabric towel. So do you think our Barbie girl is xhausted by all these amenities? Well don't stop now Barbie...she can then open the outside wall of the RV to find, under a canopy, a hot tub with removable basin—you can really add water for Barbie water play! Now of course with all of this you know it will be just like "real" with the lights flashing and Jacuzzi bubbling, party music blaring, horn honking, and microwave beeping. There are so many small details and knick-knacks; the Barbie girls and Ken will have no problem entertaining themselves for hours at a time with Barbie’s RV Party Bus.

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