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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Barbie Doll Clothes and Accessories

You can view some collectible accessories in almost all of the catalogs depicting Barbie dolls that are being sold. Fascination is the name of the game when one is viewing the accessories that have come with her from 1959 to the present time. The initial Barbie in 1959 was dressed in a black and white swimsuit, gold hoop earrings, white sun glasses/blue lenses, and black open toe heels with holes on bottom to fit. One just needs to search for suggestions and recommendations for various Barbie collectible clothing. There are many collectible Barbie clothing and accessories that will surely complete any collection.
A great resource to find clothing and accessories for Barbie is eBay

If one is an avid collector, you should check and verify the originality of the set of clothing and accessories of any Barbie being purchased for your collection. You can verify its preciseness by consulting a catalog to see if this collector item is really an original. Your collectible Barbie Doll is much more valuable if its set of clothing is complete with accessories that it was wearing when it was originally sold and is even more valuable if it is still in the box.

Collectible accessories will increase the worth of your Barbie Doll. Nearly all ladies say that the accessories indeed make the outfit and this is especially true when it pertains to Barbie. Again, if you have doubts as to the originality of the accessories, then you can find many catalogs in the market for sale, which will help you, obtain this information. One of the leading catalogs that serves as a reference to collectible accessories for Barbie is one with full color pictures and illustrations of all clothing and accessories so that when assessing as to whether this is a Vintage doll or not, and if she still has her original clothing and accessories.
It is called Barbie Fashion 1959-1967.