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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Crazy for Barbie

I have recently gotten into starting a Barbie collection. Yes I am a bit older but I have a 4 year old. Barbie to me is the epitome of the girly girl. I have never been that girly girl but now that I have a daughter she has shared with me the love of PINK! I also have been doing so much research on collecting Barbies that I decide to start a website to share what I have found out. ( It has been so much fun and has been such a delight to see how Barbie started. There has been some controversy around Barbie but now that we have the Bratz trying to steal the show I think we know what a true lady should look like or resemble- I don't mean body type or the make up but the "put together" look. Barbie always look like she is off for her next adventure and that is what we men and women should always strive for...the next adventure! ENJOY LIFE! whether you are driving your pink CAR, going to the beach with your friends, or just hanging around in your Barbie house you should have fun while you are doing that.