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Thursday, December 20, 2007

8 steps for Collecting Barbie Dolls

8 Steps for collecting Barbie Dolls

Step 1
To determine the value of your collectible Barbie doll first examine it carefully and note wear and tear or defects. Remember damage will decrease the value.
Step 2
If you have a collectible Barbie doll has never been removed from the box (NRFB) it carries a much higher value than a collectible Barbie doll that has been removed.
Step 3
A collectible Barbie doll that has been altered or restored may enhance its attractiveness however will be of less value to collectors.
Step 4
The date on your collectible Barbie doll's abdomen is not the date it was made it is the date the mold was created.
Step 5
The fewer Barbie dolls of a specific type that were made means there is greater value. Collector editions of Barbie dolls are produced in quantities of 35,000 and Limited editions are produced in quantities of less than 35,000. These limited editions are usually of more value as collectibles.
Step 6
If you have the collectible Barbie doll's original outfit your Barbie doll is of more value wearing it when sold. This is also true for accessories. Accessories will increase the value of your Barbie doll. Click here for Barbie doll accessories Toys & Games
Step 7
Purchase a book that lists current values for collectible Barbie doll. Find your doll in the book and match the condition to the listings to determine value. When looking through a pricing guide use several guides and get the average price to get a realistic value.

Step 8
Compare your collectible Barbie doll with other collectors, collector shows in the area, local stores, auctions, and online searches to get an idea of the value of your Barbie doll. You may want to get your collectible Barbie doll appraised if you are unable to locate it in a pricing guide.

A collectible Barbie doll should be an item you collect because it appeals to you. This is the point where the value of your collectible Barbie doll becomes intangible so even if the worth of your collectible Barbie doll isn’t valuable to the market, the sentimental worth could make it more valuable to you!

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